Drink ingredients

Thanks to the unique formula of the FOCKED drink, you can get control over cortisol, the stress hormone, and enhance your cognitive functions to a higher level. The beneficial effects of its ingredients – damiana, schizandra, maté, and guarana that have been used for medical treatment for centuries – are very important for us. Visit our website to find out more about them.

 The unique formula does not contain aspartame and taurine that have significant negative effects on the body. We believe that our approach and plans for the future will contribute to making the world a better place and enrich the current market with healthy products.


This miracle ingredient is currently widely used in medicine that generally makes use of its favourable effects to resolve problems associated with impotence, infertility, and low testosterone levels as it supports regulation of sex hormones and therefore it is also suitable for the women experiencing menopause and helps coping with menstrual cramps. But this is not the end of the list of its uses – excellent results have been recorded in nicotine addiction treatment. Ancient Mayans used to call this plant “mik kok”, which literally means “broom against cough”. Damiana has been successfully used to resolve constipation and digestion problems too, it helps fight excessive body weight and is used, in various forms, to treat headache. Recently, its use within Parkinson disease treatment has been subject to discussion. But the favourable effects of use of damiana on the body are only one part. The plant also supports mental health and induces the feeling of wellbeing, improving good mood and helping fight everyday stress and depression. Moreover, it positively affects our cognitive and mental functions.


This plant originated from China, Japan, and South Sakhalin in Russia. The traditional Chinese medicine deems its berries to be exceptional and very valuable due to a high concentration of health promoting substances that have been made use of for thousands of years. Thanks to its many effects, the entire plant with roots is used. It supports breathing and favourably affects liver functions. It is used to treat muscle, shoulder joint, and cervical spine pain which makes it a substance widely used in sports medicine. It speeds up regeneration of the body after severe injuries, surgeries, and infectious diseases. Schizandra stimulates blood circulation and improves eyesight. Its medical uses include treatment of stomach and intestinal problems. It eliminates metabolism wastes and thus it de facto “cleans” the body. Last but not least, it also helps reduce body weight, eliminate lack of certain substances, and manage alcohol and tobacco addiction. It helps fight tiredness and stress and improves organism performance.


Also known as Paullinia cupana is a liana-type plant originating from Amazonia. Amazon native tribes deem this plant to be sacred. They say that it hides a great power that they can use in combats. In the language of indigenous Indians, guarana means “the big tree of the forest”. Its non-traditional appearance has given rise to a number of myths and stories that South American Indians pass down by mouth from generation to generation. Its major effects include body stimulation and supply of energy thanks to gradual release of active substances which is accompanied by enhancement of mental and physical vitality. It supports correct functioning of the immune system and improves mood. Thanks to its stimulating and regenerating effects and support for the nervous system, this plant is very popular, as a nutritional supplement, among athletes. Guarana enhances concentration, stamina, and improves mood and that is the reasons why so many students reach for it during exam seasons. It supports regular functioning of the digestive system which is one of the major reasons why it is used in energy drinks. Its regular consumption reduces appetite. Similarly, it helps resolve stomach problems and reduces blood pressure.


Maté or Ilex paraguariensis has several positive essential effects on the body and mind. One of the major effects is that of an aphrodisiac. It literally is a pick-me-up. Thanks to its stimulating substances, it very efficiently eliminates tiredness and mental exhaustion and helps manage stress and significantly enhance cognitive functions. Maté not only stimulates erection but it also positively affects it as it contains the theophylline-theobromine combination that can suppress the process called phosphodiesterase – the process behind the penis flaccidity after ejaculation. Suppression of this process improves erection and makes it last longer. Maté has significant stimulating effects without a majority of negative side effects that we experience with coffee, for instance. Here we can say that not all caffeine types are the same. It suppresses the feeling of hunger, which is a time-tested fact as it helped South American tribes survive even the worst times. Maté is also recommended as a nutritional supplement for those who wish to lose weight.