Each brand has its story and this case is no exception. The original idea of this drink was born 6 years ago. The current owner and author started to think about creating a drink that would be close to the customer as to its design and restore the very basis of the word LOVEBRAND and, at the same time, would have beneficial effects for both the body and mind. On the day of birth of this idea, something truly essential happened in his life.

 He was fired from one day to another. In a minute, he lost his social status, colleagues he liked a lot and used to spend most of his time with, and a creative job. Clearly, this situation made the author dispirited, deeply depressed, and stressed out but on the other hand, he gradually started to see an opportunity window opening right in front of his eyes. The strength of creativity and the feeling of absolute freedom that he could reach started to prevail over all that stress and directed the negative energy towards something positive.


And this is how the idea of #switchyourfocked was born. Thanks to that turn of life, he was learning something new and overcoming obstacles every day and he started to perceive and judge situations from various points of view. He came to understand one thing – when we can control our stress, stress will become our sound helper, compass, and an important alarm in our lives.

FOCKED is not only a drink with favourable effects, its content is enriched with the story that has given the product a solid frame.

These days can be called the time of speed wrapped up in various forms of stress. The 21st century has taught us to perceive stress as an enemy. We in FOCKED say “SWITCHYOURFOCKED”! Learn how to work with stress and control it.

Thanks to the unique formula of the FOCKED drink, you can get control over cortisol, the stress hormone, and enhance your cognitive functions to a higher level. The beneficial effects of its ingredients – damiana, schizandra, maté, and guarana, which have been used for medical treatment for centuries, are very important for us. Visit our website to find out more about them.

The unique formula does not contain aspartame and taurine that have significant negative effects on the body. We believe that our approach and plans for the future will contribute to making the world a better place and enrich the current market with healthy products.